While limiting our carbon footprint, we provide large volume to our partners. Our capabilities are astronomical!

Kale is a versatile vegetable used in salads, soups, sauteed, steamed, pastas, and pizza toppings. Enjoy.

Lemon grass can be prepared in many ways. Our favorite is a lemon grass tea steeped to perfection.

Our products are available locally and receive expedited delivery upon harvest to assure your business has top value.

With the help of our partners we are currently brewing a batch of the purest matcha tea found anywhere in the world! Stay tuned for details...

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The temperature around the globe is increasing at a much faster rate than 10 years ago. Climate change is real and ice caps are melting faster than 5 years ago.

We are obligated to do something about this crisis in order to assure a sustainable future for the next generation. We must invest in groundbreaking technologies that meet short term goals to decline our carbons.

We must make the tough choices which are necessary to protect the upcoming generations. Our economy is growing, but there is still a need for local job growth and creation. At the same time, we must be an International Leader in controlling global warming. Let's get Fresh!




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Buried Diffuser \\ Vegetables

As exclusive USA distributor & partner of Chahtech SA, the world-renowned USA Merchant Team LLC is proud to present:

The Aqua Camel Buried Diffuser, international awarded efficient technologies for: Irrigation Water Saving, for Drought and Desertification Mitigation, Food Security & Hunger Alleviation.

The Buried Diffuser is a worldwide patented technology, (PCT) which has been tested and validated (during 25 years of research) in Arid & semi Arid regions of Tunisia (North Africa) as a solution to avoid the negative effects of drought in rain fed or irrigated agriculture.

In irrigation, the buried diffuser allows for 50% - 60% less water than drip irrigation. In addition, the buried diffuser requires zero energy, (its gravity fed) no need for expensive pumps & yields 3-5 times more than drip irrigation.

The buried diffuser is a new technique allowing for anticipated irrigation & water injection & storage in the deep soil layers. During just 2-4 weeks, water needs of the rest of the year will be met. The Buried Diffuser is, (3 designs for 3 different uses) with no doubt, the most efficient technique to bring water to the roots of vegetables in fields and green houses, trees (fruit trees, forest trees, ornamental trees) shrubs, plants in container pots and coco peat bags.

“Water is the driving force of all Nature.”

Leonardo da Vinci